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Sadhu boards Flower of life oval Galvanized ball nails, beginner and practitioner boards, 9mm, set, fire board, NORDNEX

Sadhu boards Flower of life oval Galvanized ball nails, beginner and practitioner boards, 9mm, set, fire board, NORDNEX

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SADHU board NORDNEX for beginners, step 8 mm.

SADHU board is the oldest and most powerful tool for awakening one's own inner energy, working on goals. Practicing for just 1 minute daily is enough to strengthen your immunity and restore your resources. Standing on nails reveals both male and female potential, unleashing internal energy! There are over 40,000 nerve endings on the soles of your feet, and standing on nails allows you to give a powerful impulse to your entire body in a short amount of time, making it an indispensable sports equipment. Nail boards are also a tool for working on goals and intentions. They will be appreciated by those who practice sports and fitness. It can be used for the back (for this, prepare a yoga mat, meditation, etc.). Our Sadhu boards stand out for their quality, we use only the best materials in production. The sports kit is handmade to meet quality standards, and we have a control service. An excellent and original gift for anniversaries for men, women, husbands, young men, boys, girlfriends, teenagers, for birthdays, for any occasion and without reason. The prospect of standing on nails should not scare newcomers, day or night, because it gives a deep sense of confidence in one's own abilities and almost magical sensations. The health of your feet is in your legs. Kit includes: Sadhu boards (plywood with a grade of C) 2 pieces with matching holes, gift box, case, incense, instructions, nail standing calendar. Weight 1.3 kg. Up to size 48 feet. The plywood is coated with yacht oil, which preserves the smell of wood. Galvanized nails with a step of 8 mm, stainless.”

Composition: wood, metal.

Item width: 15 cm Item weight including packaging: 1.2 kg Packaging length: 35 cm Packaging height: 5 cm Gift purpose: for a loved one; for a friend; for a girlfriend Distance between the nails: 8 mm Sporting purpose: fitness; yoga Item height: 3.5 cm Item depth: 3.5 cm Country of manufacture: Poland Occasion: birthday; anniversary; gift without a specific occasion Packaging width: 15 cm Included in the set: Sadhu board; beginner's Sadhu board; Sadhu boards; Sadhu board - 2 pieces; Box - 1 piece; Instruction - 1 piece; Incense - 3 pieces; 8mm Sadhu board; Meditation mask, bag - 1 piece.

In the video, "Sadhu Boards Benefits," we explore the various advantages of using Sadhu boards for fitness and self-improvement. We discuss how standing on nails can help to awaken your inner energy, strengthen your immunity, and restore your resources. We also explain how Sadhu boards can be used as a tool for working on goals and intentions, and we demonstrate some simple exercises that you can do to improve your balance and core strength. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced practitioner, this video is a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their physical and mental well-being.

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