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Sadhu board making kit

Sadhu board making kit

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Welcome to the world of creativity and spiritual practice with our 'Sadhu Board' self-build kit. This unique kit has been created for all those who want to create their own "Sadhu Board" and enjoy the results of their own creative endeavour.

Our 'Sadhu Board' self-build kit contains all the necessary materials and components to begin the exciting journey of creating this beautiful and functional tool. We offer detailed instructional steps to help you through the building process. Even if you are inexperienced in handicrafts, our kit is designed to be easy to use and rewarding to achieve.

Building a 'Sadhu Board' yourself is a unique opportunity to deepen your knowledge of board construction and the process of making it yourself. You will be able to customise it according to your preferences and needs.

Creating a 'Sadhu Plank' with your own hands is not only an interesting journey, but also a chance to develop your skills and creativity. As you build it, you will enjoy the satisfaction of creating something unique and personal.

Our 'Sadhu Plank' self-build kit will help you enter the world of body-mind harmony. Your handmade plank will be a faithful companion in your meditation and yoga practice.

Immerse yourself in the amazing adventure of building your own "Sadhu plank" with our kit, which offers not only functionality but also the personal satisfaction of creating something unique. Are you ready to create your own 'Sadhu Board'? Order our kit today!

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