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KIT of Acupuncture Life Boards 9mm

KIT of Acupuncture Life Boards 9mm

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Planks for Life is a unique set of handmade wooden planks that have been specially designed to benefit your health and well-being. On the surface of these boards are eight hundred copper nails, evenly spaced every 9 mm.

The spikes on the boards are designed to relax tensions stored in the body, stimulate receptors located in the feet and hands to improve the flow of vital energy and activate our willpower to work at higher levels. Practice with the Life Planks focuses on stimulation of the feet, hands, back and leg muscles.

Just a few minutes of daily practice with the Life Planks can bring relief and relaxation to the body, as well as clear the mind of unnecessary thoughts. It's a great tool to help you feel revitalised and full of life!

Break the routine, get up and feel alive! Order the Life Board kit now and discover the benefits it brings to your health and well-being.

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